Choosing A BJJ School

The first, and probably most important step when beginning your BJJ journey, is finding the right school. There are alot of factors that go into this decision, none of which should be passed over.

Any reputable school should offer some sort of free trial class, or at bare minimum, allow you to observe a class. Knowing how the class is taught, how the students are treated and how students interact with each other and the professors are very important.

Looking at the class schedule is also a factor potential students need to take into account. It doesnt matter how good the school is if you cant make it to any of the classes.

Of course location, travel distance and tuition cost are factors that cant be ignored either, but perhaps the most important decision maker is environment. You could pick the best school, in the perfect location that fits your schedule and budget, but if you dont feel comfortable taking a class out of anxiety of the instruction method or fear of being injured, what is the point?

A good Jiu Jitsu school will make you feel good about yourself. The environment should be challenging but not overbearing. It should engage you at every level without dismissing your personal beliefs and concerns. Most of all, you should be able to learn not just from the professors and coaches, but from your fellow students. You should see your school as a safe place for you and your family to train at, for you to be able to learn at your own pace without pressure or judgement, and for you to respect your teammates, coaches and professors and consider them family.

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