The Importance Of A Balanced Life

One of the most difficult and confounding things to achieve in life is a balance. Too often we unbalance ourselves, with the best intentions of balancing things later.

We bury ourselves in work, chasing success and money in hopes that when we have gotten “enough” we can change the Dynamics of our lives to focus on family, friends and enjoying the “fruits of your labor”. Often enough we find that the parts of life we needed to enjoy the most passed by whilst we chased the means to live it.

On the other side of the coin, sometimes we focus so much on the things in life that make it “enjoyable” we shirk the responsibilities we are laden with, harming those around us and even ourselves. Living beyond your means, over-indulgence with the “finer things in life” can destroy what we so desperately want to find.

To make things worse, this balance point is constantly shifting. Personal life, work life, recreational life, all push and pull at the same time, making balancing feel like you are on the deck of a ship during a storm without anything to keep you up.

So how do you reach this magical balance in life? I wish I knew. I still battle daily to keep my life from slipping into a whirlpool of chaos. This is a conundrum you will try to solve the entire time you walk this lovely blue world, and it is deeply personal and individual puzzle.

What I do know is that you have to start with finding your “happy”. Whatever this thing may be, it’s your starting point. If you are not happy with yourself, you are already out of balance. You will never be at peace with others or yourself if you have inner turmoil. We all have our battles to fight, our demons to conquer, and it all begins with finding your inner balance.

One thing I have learned over the years of being a BJJ practitioner is that success is only achieved when balance is struck. The point where strength and techniques meet, where knowledge and instinct align, and where pride and humility erase. Move too far in either direction and you begin to fail. That is when you begin to understand how jiu jitsu works.

Life off the mats is no different. Finding the point at which you can flow between the aspects of living is a Herculean task to say the least, but once you understand that you are the only one who can set this balance in your life, you will see a way. Life will never be blissfully perfect, but every one is given a chance to live it their own beautiful way, and it all hinges on balance that works for you.

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